Vera Natura: An Individual Philosophy of Truth

Painting by J.W. Waterhouse (1903)

Most oftentimes we think that errors in communication arise as a result of others not understanding us, however, how often do we see communication issues as an error in the manner in which we choose to communicate?

I was asked by an Uber driver upon entering the car one day a question that led to a 30-minute conversation around how important communication is.

It is well established that communication is not only a two-way street, but I believe that it is rather multi-dimensional. I am not only communicating with the others around me but I am also at the same time communicating with myself. Now before I get into communicating with the self let us go back to that conversation with the Uber driver.

Upon entering this ride, the driver asks me how I was doing and in all honesty, I was feeling pretty well on that day and I responded by saying that I could not complain, that I was genuinely doing well. Now the driver’s response was great because it allowed me to set the precedence for what this article entails.

He responded by saying, “That's great complaining never fixes anything, we should take every day as it comes”. This is true on so many levels, I think that a lot of us live unwanted lives because we refuse to accept things as they are. We are constantly thinking about the future and missing the importance of the present moment. Not complaining allows us to live in the now moment, it allows us to properly reflect on what is happening, that way we can try to fix things.

However, fixing is not always the solution, sometimes there are certain things that weren't meant to be fixed, they served another purpose and it is up to us to figure out what that purpose is. Sometimes we are stuff fixing things that did not need fixing in the first place.

How does this lead to communicating? A complaint about something is a communication that is happening from you who is complaining about the situation. It is a show of frustration and irritation to the events that are unfolding.

Well, how many times can we say we have conversations with ourselves? Conversations that lead us to properly put into perspective all that we are going through at that moment and try to make sense of it, in the hopes that we might find solutions to said problems.

We complain because we do not understand why what is happening happens. We constantly wanting for us to be heard and understood that we fail to first and foremost understand ourselves. If we did so, we would resolve so much of what is happening around us.

By this, I mean understanding how we respond to others, how we respond to what others tell us, and how we respond to what we have ourselves caused. The solution to a problem is greatly dependent on the reaction to that problem. Mostly I think that this is because we choose to live constantly in the future, a future that is unknown and frankly a future that we do not have control over.

Why do we choose to live constantly in what we do not know, instead of embracing what we do and choose to live now?

By choosing to live in the NOW, we are able to exercise what we do have and that is control of the present situation. In the here and now that is where we are at, this is what I can control and this is who I am.

I am because I can see and experience this very present moment, it is in this very present moment that my existence begins to make sense. This is the only way I can ever be honest with who I am.

Vera Natura or Our True Nature is found in our ability to perceive things for what they are not what they were or could have been.

Truth and or authenticity is rooted in our ability to understand where we are and what we are doing at the moment that we are doing it. Communication with the self is a pre-requisite for having a full human experience. Otherwise, we live unconscious lives, or rather we live lives that are directed by a false consciousness.

False consciousness is often rooted in wanting to remain comfortable in what we know and think to be true. False consciousness, is a consciousness that is given and not acquired, it is our identity, an identity given to us either by time or circumstance.

Yes, circumstances can give us an identity when we define ourselves based on where we are and what we experiencing, that is when we develop a consciousness that is given by circumstance.

Time is a circumstance that many of us refuse to accept, and so because of time we define ourselves, I am old because I have seen many moons and I have lived likewise I am young because I am yet to see many more and my experiences are not as great.

Like all things on this Earth, we are always changing, physically we are always undergoing some form of change from who we were to who were are. One thing is constant and that is the True Self, the authentic self. Some would say the Spirit and others would coin it differently but essentially there is a part of us that is always true and that is the self we should always be communicating to.



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Kalonji R. Kabuya

Kalonji R. Kabuya

Student • Political Science • Sociology• Critique | Constantly in a conversation with myself, seeking to interpret the world.